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DVD v9 is now available! What's new?

The Molecular Otolaryngology & Renal Research Lab (MORL) Deafness Variation Database (DVD) provides a comprehensive guide to genetic variation in genes known to be associated with deafness.

The DVD v9 includes all known genetic variants present in 223 deafness-associated genes that are included on OtoSCOPE®, the MORL's comprehensive genetic deafness screening platform.

The goal of the DVD is to collate, annotate, and classify all genetic variants related to syndromic and non-syndromic hearing loss. Data are collated from all major public databases and used to generate an evidence-based single classification for each variant, which is then curated by experts in hereditary hearing loss. Please take some time to review the sources we use for annotation as well as our landmark paper "Genomic Landscape and Mutational Signatures of Deafness-Associated Genes" for more information regarding this work. Our ultimate goal is to improve variant interpretation and enhance clinical decision making for genetic hearing loss.

The DVD is continually curated. This version represents our most recent interpretation of these data.

If you would like to add a gene or variant to the database, please contact us.

These data are freely available. Please review our citation policy when including information from the DVD in publication. All content is copyrighted by the MORL at The University of Iowa.

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